Английский язык

Английский язык ru

8 класс

I. Your daily challenges
1. On vacantion
2.Blackboard vs computer
3.Life events
4.Time management
5.Civilization: Fast Facts
6.Grammar page
7.Round uphttps://invat.online/lectia/priveste/1321
8. Progress test

2.It's not about you. It's about the PEOPLE around you!
3.To lie or not to lie
5.Civilization: Museums
6.Grammar page
7.Round up
8.Progress test

III. Lifestyle
1.Heroes of our time
2.The way we dress
3.Who am I?
4. Body image
5.Civilization: body language
6.Grammar page
7.Round Up
8.Progress test

IV. At leisure
1.Boredom is not an option
2.Teen bestsellers
3.Never give up
4.Travelling to the world of stars 
5.Civilization: Welcome to the world of Wanderlust!
6.Grammar page
7. Round up
8.Progress test

V. Celebrations
1. Holidays
2.Presents and wishes
3. School traditions
4.Enjoying together
5.Civilization: Old and New
6.Grammar page
7.Round up
8.Progress test

VI. The observer
1. The news you care about 
2.Things we see around us
3.Good comes from doing good
4.Be wise as snakes, innocent as doves
5. Civilization: The streets of London
6.Grammar page
7.Round up
8.Progress test
Relative Pronouns

VII. My home country
1.How much do you know about Moldova?
2.Economic and social life
3.National heritage
4.Home sweet home 
5.Civilization: from the past to the future?
6.Grammar page
7.Round up
8.Progress test

VIII. Save our crowded planet!
1.Friedns of the Earth, Unite!
2.Be respectful of nature!
3.Protect the beauty of the countryside!
4.Today "Green" means someone who cares about environment
5.Civilization: British tastes
6.Grammar page
7.Round up
8.Progress test