Limba Engleză

Limba Engleză ro


L1. Getting Acquainted
Asking for personal information
Talking about one’s family

L2. We’ve Got a Family
Describing people
Speaking about family members

L3. Meet the Royal Family
Talking about the royal family

L4. Jobs 
Describing occupations and people’s qualities

L5. My Aunt’s House
Describing rooms and furniture

L6. Houses, Houses…
Describing houses and buildings
Talking about the White House

L7. Household Chores
Talking about household chores
Saying what things are for

L1. School
Talking about the school
Expressing feelings

L2. My Favourite Subject
Talking about school subjects
Telling the time

L3. A Letter from England
Talking about school rules and uniforms
Comparing timetables

L4. In the Classroom
Making requests, asking for permission, apologizing, giving excuses, thanking people and responding to thanks

L5. After Classes
Describing afterclass activities

L6. Friendly Classmates
Talking about classmates

L7. Best Friends
Talking about best friends

L1. Round the Year
Describing and comparing the months of the year
Talking about weather

L2. I Love Nature
Talking about seasons
Describing season colours

L3. It’s Delicious
Reading instructions
Expressing likes and dislikes
Expressing opinions

L4. The Animal World
Describing animals
Talking about pets

L5. Let’s Be Friends
Describing animals
Discussing attitudes to animals
Expressing suggestions

L6. Happy Holidays
Talking about customs and traditions, holiday celebrations in Great Britain and the USA

L7. Christmastime
Talking about winter holidays
Describing Christmas celebrations in the family

L1. Books in My Life
Talking about reference books
Describing a library

L2. The Magic World of Literature
Talking about types of literary texts
Understanding and expressing the wisdom of fables

L3. A Favourite Book
Talking about a favourite author and book

L4. Countries and People
Asking for and giving information about countries, nationalities and languages

L5. Around the World
Talking about capitals and places of interest

L6. Moldova My Love
Talking about Moldova and its attractions
Describing Moldova and its people

L7. An Enjoyable Weekend
Talking about weekends in town and in the country
Expressing preferences

L1. I Have Done It
Talking about completed actions
Talking about personal hygiene

L2. Have You Ever…?
Talking about means of transport
Expressing preferences

L3. An Interesting Trip
Talking about means of transport
Buying tickets

L4. The World of Sport
Talking about sports

The World of Sport Part 3
Talking about sports

L5. School Clothes
Describing clothes
Expressing preferences

L6. A Space Trip
Talking about healthy habits
Describing a flight into space
Comparing life in space and on
A Space Trip Part 3Earth

L7. Summer Holidays 
Describing summer vacation
Expressing preferences

Summer Holidays Part 2
Giulliver's Travels" Part 1. Part 2/3
Unit 5 Reading Together “Gulliver’s Travels" Part 2/3